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PTA Light

Keen to help now-and-then but not able to join the committee?

This is for you. 

What is it & how can I help?

'PTA Light' is a community of parents (and grandparents) with a little time to spare, helping to make our events happen. It could be some preparation in advance, support during an event or helping to pack up or 'take stock' afterwards. There is no obligation to attend meetings and full flexibility to take a step back when life gets busy. It's simply being an extra pair of hands whenever you're able. It's also a lovely way for grandparents to be involved in school life!

If you are keen to support us now-and-then, please take a look at our upcoming events and let us know which dates you are able to lend a hand. Or simply get in touch to say you're interested and we'll contact you when we're in need of a little extra help. 

There is a variety of ways you can help and no contribution is too small! If you have a preference of event or role just let us know in your message. 

& become a part of 'PTA Light'


Join the PTA Committee
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Wanting to join the PTA Committee?

We'd love to welcome you! Simply send us a message to say you're interested and we'll invite you along to our next committee meeting; you can see what it's all about and if you'd like to join us we can make it official. Hooray!  

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